Best Ways to Hunt California Raccoons and How to Get Them!

Raccoon is probably one of the most common urban Ontario mammals in the US. Their striped tail that resemble the prison uniform and their mask that will remind you of the bank robber will tell you that a visit from this creature will not be a good sign. Anyone who has experienced their infestation in the past are aware on the massive destruction that they can cause. The people who are on the process of hunting raccoons is expected to stumble upon numerous issues.

Tips on Hunting Raccoons

When chasing this nuisance California creature, there are simple tips that you need to keep in mind. By being armed with the proper gears and understanding the behavior of your prey, you will have a better success in hunting them.

Knowing Where to Find Them

Most California homeowners will not appreciate a visit from this pesky creature. Once they realized that your residential community will provide them an easy access to food source, expect that they will return frequently to your neighborhood. They are smart, and they are known for their ability to solve problems. While it is common to encounter them on the rural areas, they can also establish their habitat in the suburban and urban areas. They can survive on different climate condition except for areas that are extremely hot such as deserts.

Never Underestimate the Ontario Raccoon

One raccoon will be able to kill the entire bird flock in a matter of time. They can build their nest in your attic which will cause loud noises and increase the probability of disease transmission. They may be small but the trouble they cause will be big. They can also access the obscure areas and tear the containers and coverings. They can also bring their mate with them which can lead to full-blown infestation.

Hunt Them During the Mating Season

Even those who do not consider them as nuisance creature might still enjoy hunting the raccoon. In case you want to capture the raccoon in the open, the breeding season is one of the most ideal time to start your hunt. The mating season will usually start in the month of January and will last for a couple of weeks. When the raccoons are mating, it is highly likely for them to explore the outdoor and look for a possible mate.

Checking the Dens on Nesting Season

After a successful copulation, the female California raccoon will look for a comfortable place to raise her young ones. During this time, they can be found in warm places such as our attic, hollows of the trees, haylofts, and other crawl spaces. They will be staying in their den for a couple of months. Some signs of the active den will include scattered food scraps, damages in the area, urine marks, and droppings. 

Finally, you may consider leaving a bait that will encourage the Ontario raccoon to expose themselves in an open area. Some of the experienced hunters will be using cat food due to the strong sweet scent that will capture the attention of the raccoon.

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