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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Ontario! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Ontario, CA. Dealing with wild animals can be frightening. Even having a large fence around your property or using commercial products to deter the animals from coming onto your land may not prove to be as effective as you desire. You need someone who can remove these critters and do so safely and effectively. This is why we are here to service you. For over a decade our family run business has been working in this community to assist home and business owners to remove wild animals. We have dealt with virtually every kind of animal you can imagine, including such things as skunks, rodents, raccoons, gophers, moles, squirrels, birds, snakes, and fats. No animal is either too large or too difficult for us to handle. We even have removed large colonies of bats and rats at times. We have a professional and courteous staff ready to assist you. They will explain to you exactly what they are doing every step of the way, and can answer any question you may have. We consider you to be part of our family, so you will be treated with great respect and courtesy. Call us today for a free estimate. Know that we are ready to help you. Call us now at 909-512-6108 for your Ontario wildlife control needs.

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Dead animal removal, inside and outside.

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Ontario Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Where Do California Groundhogs Like to Live Best?

Groundhogs belong in the same family of Ontario marmots. They can grow at around 26 inches and they are armed with strong limbs and powerful claws that they use for digging their burrows. You will often find this creature close to the entrance of its burrow. They will normally prefer the ambiance of an open country and woodland areas. The farmers will consider them as a nuisance pet due to their voracious appetite. 

Groundhogs in the Wild

When the California groundhogs live in the wild, they can survive for a maximum of 6 years. They have a wide preference when it comes to the geographic range. Their burrows will often be spotted in the farmlands, woodlots, forests that are situated in low elevation, hedgerows, and pastures. They will look for a place that is well-drained. They have two types of den, the summer and the winter den where they hibernate. 

In the wild, the groundhogs will be hunted by the other for sports. This is meant to control the population of the groundhog. The forest clearing has provided the creature with more suitable denning areas. This has contributed to the increase in the population of the woodchucks. The current population of the groundhog today is considerably higher compared to the time when the European settlers arrive in the North American continent.

The California Groundhogs in the Urban Area

The human activity provides them with a convenient access to food. During the past few years, the creature has managed to thrive well with humans. When in the wild, the animal will mostly be exposed to different predators such as bears, foxes, snakes, owls, hawks, coyotes, and bobcats. When in the urban areas, it will be quite rare to spot these predators. Though there are different recipes that uses groundhogs as the main ingredient, not a lot of people will entertain the idea of consuming this creature. 

You will often see them hanging in the trees and corridor. They will build a burrow in your California yard with multiple entrances. The main opening of their burrow can have at least one foot. The creature will munch on clovers and dandelions when they are in the wild. On the contrary, they have more options when they live in the urban setting. They are also clever enough to evade the common traps set by humans. Due to the accessibility and the availability of the food in the urban areas, they have a higher capacity to build up excess fat that will help them survive their hibernation period. It is a common knowledge that woodchucks have a higher and longer survival rate when they are living in the city.

The Ontario groundhog in the urban setting will often attack the vegetation in our yard. Their digging habit can cause significant damage on the structure of our house. They can also make our lawns look unsightly. To prevent the damages that the woodchuck can bring, you will have to seek the assistance of the expert to bring a long-term solution to your infestation.